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Ratcheting Outward Off-set PortaWinch

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  • Allows the user to turn standard stake pockets into strap securement points
  • 3-bar design for easy strap insertion during snow and ice conditions 
  • Standard outward off-set configuration with efficient ratcheting capability
  • Working load limit: 5,500 lbs

With a ratcheting 3-bar design, the ratcheting outward off-set PortaWinch makes securing heavy-duty cargo quick and easy with stake pocket installation. High-quality steel provides plenty of strength in a removable piece of tie-down equipment. The 3-bar design prevents the mandrel from freezing up during now and ice conditions, making strap insertion faster and easier, while an efficient ratchet reduces tensioning time up to 33% on average and minimizes the risk of winch bar rollover. The PortaWinch can be easily installed in any standard stake pocket, making it extremely convenient and versatile for tackling unique tie-down challenges.

The ratcheting outward off-set PortaWinch installs easily without tools and offers a versatile system that allows you to position the tie-down straps anywhere along either side, front, or back of the trailer by using stake pockets that best accommodate your load. The PortaWinch works over tires and toolboxes, is removable when not in use, and fits all standard stake pockets but will not fit tapered stake pockets. With a working load limit of 5,500 lbs ratcheting design, and 3-bar system, the PortaWinch makes for an efficient and versatile solution for tying down heavy-duty cargo.

For use with standard winch straps and tensions with standard winch bar.

Ancra’s PortaWinch is DOT and FMCSA compliant.