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Lumber Tarp Sale!!!
We're more than just a tarp maker ...

We're more than just a tarp maker ...

Since 1946 Austin Tarp, located in Charlotte, NC, has built a reputation for providing it's customers with tarps and cargo controls of the highest quality and value available anywhere. We will work hard to earn your business and harder to keep it. Our customers know that our tarps last longer than many other tarps beings sold, and in the long haul, longer lasting means reduced costs.

From flatbeds to dump trailers we have what you need to keep your load secure and dry. Plus, our installation department is equiped to handle any request. We hope you will give us a chance and experience the AUSTIN difference for yourself.

From Cargo Control to Custom Installations, Austin Tarp & Cargo Control is your one stop superstore for all your hauling needs.

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