Austin Canvas & Awning stands by the products we manufacture. If failure in our tarps presents itself in the form of defect in our seams, welds, grommets, D-rings, or stitching within 30 days of purchase please bring it back to us to fix or replace at no cost to you. 

However, we will not replace or fix tarps to the follow cause of damage:

Wind Whip: Wind whip damage is typically caused by loose tarps. It can show up in unusual places, but it is typically found on the tarp, near the rear of the trailer. Wind whip in this area is usually caused by air being forced under the tarp at the front of the trailer and then it travels under the tarp, exiting out from under the tarp at the back. When the high pressured air is exhausted from under the tarp it causes the tarp to flap or cycle very quickly over a small area. If this cycling movement is fast and severe enough, it can cause the vinyl to crack and fracture apart, exposing the woven scrim base of the tarp. Once the tarp’s scrim base is exposed to the elements, the life span of the tarp is quickly reduced. The Shelter-Rite vinyl that Central Tarp uses is the only vinyl product that has an anti-wind whip feature built into its design. Shelter-Rite is made with multiple coatings of PVC vinyl over the scrim base. This multiple layer technique creates many layers of protection against the cracking and fracturing effects of the wind.