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Heavy Duty Silver Poly Tarp

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Heavy Duty Silver Poly Tarp

Heavy Duty Silver Poly Tarp

Reliable and Durable Tarp for Extreme Conditions


Introducing our Heavy Duty Silver Poly Tarp, your ultimate solution for covering and protecting against extreme weather conditions. This tarp is three times thicker than our standard blue tarps, offering superior durability and performance. Whether you need temporary roof covering, shade covers, or protection for construction equipment, this tarp is packed with features to meet your needs.

Fabric Weave: 14 X 14
Denier Fiber: 1000
Weight: 6 oz. per square yard
Material: Woven and coated polyethylene
Grommets: Rust-proof aluminum every 18 inches and on each corner

Key Features

  • Superior Quality: Constructed with a 14 x 14 weave and 1000 denier fiber, providing exceptional strength and durability.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Weighing 6 oz. per square yard, this tarp is designed to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Enhanced Protection: Offers 100% shade and UV reflection, effectively blocking out the sun and protecting against harmful UV rays.
  • Water and Mildew Resistant: The 14x14 cross weave sheds water effortlessly, making it ideal for rainy conditions.
  • Reinforced Edges and Corners: All four edges are heat-sealed and reinforced with PE rope in the corners. Additionally, corners are reinforced with a solid plastic bar for added strength.
  • Rust-Proof Grommets: Equipped with rust-proof aluminum grommets every 18 inches and on each corner for secure fastening.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for temporary roof covering, shade covers, construction equipment cover, hay stacks, wood piles, RV and boat covers, and more.


  • Temporary Roof Covering
  • Shade Covers
  • Construction Equipment Cover
  • Hay Stacks
  • Wood Piles
  • RV and Boat Covers
  • And More!

Contact Us

For more information or to place an order, contact our sales associates at 800-532-TARP. Choose the Heavy Duty Silver Poly Tarp for reliable and durable protection in any situation.

Phone: 800-532-TARP

Address: 2901 Stewart Creek Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28216



Jessica W.

This silver poly tarp is fantastic! It offers great flexibility and is very easy to handle.


Mark L.

Excellent product. It fits perfectly and provides excellent protection for my equipment.


Rachel K.

High-quality construction and very durable. Perfect for anyone needing a reliable tarp for their outdoor needs.