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Ratchet Chain Binder for 5/16"-3/8" Chains - 6,600 lbs Capacity

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Ratchet Chain Binders are designed to secure and tie down large loads effectively. Unlike traditional pullover binders, this Ratcheting Chain Binder incorporates a quick and user-friendly ratchet action. 

  • High Load Capacity: This Chain Binder Ratchet comes with a substantial working load, offering: 
    • 6,600 lbs capacity for 5/16"-3/8" chains 
  • Quick and Efficient: Our Chain Ratchet Binder ensures fast and efficient load securing, making it an ideal choice for your cargo control needs. 


  • Sturdy and Reliable: Built with heavy-duty cam and pawl mechanisms, this Ratchet Chain Binder guarantees longevity and high performance. 


  • Enhanced Safety: The ratchet design of this Ratchet Chain Binder provides a safer operation, reducing risks while securing loads. 


Understanding How to Use a Ratchet Chain Binder is crucial for efficient operation. You can trust this tool to deliver superior load securement. 

Curious about How to Loosen a Ratchet Chain Binder or How a Ratchet Chain Binder Works? Don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and tips on how to use a Chain Ratchet Load Binder effectively. 

For more information or to place an order, call us today. With Austin Tarp & Cargo Controls, you can always expect reliable cargo securement solutions. 

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