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Painted Winch Bar

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Painted Winch Bar

Painted Winch Bar

Durable and Easy-to-Use Cargo Securing Tool


Introducing our **Painted Winch Bar**, designed for durability and ease of use. This standard winch bar is crafted to handle the rigors of heavy-duty applications, making it an essential tool for securing your cargo.

Weight: 5 lbs.
Finish: High gloss paint
Grip: Knurled textured grip at two points on the handle
Construction: Heat-treated and cycled tested for heavy use
Tip: Flanged mushroom tip for secure fit in the winch

Key Features

  • High Gloss Paint: The bar is finished with high gloss paint, providing a sleek look and added protection against wear and tear.
  • Knurled Textured Grip: Features a knurled textured grip at two points on the handle for enhanced grip and control, ensuring safe and efficient operation.
  • Durable Construction: The bar is heat-treated and cycled tested to withstand heavy use, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding conditions.
  • Lightweight: Weighing only 5 lbs., this winch bar is easy to handle, reducing operator fatigue during use.
  • Flanged Mushroom Tip: Equipped with a flanged mushroom tip to keep the bar securely in the winch, providing stability and safety during operations.


  • Cargo Securing: Ideal for use in securing loads on flatbeds, trailers, and other cargo transport vehicles.
  • Professional Use: Designed for truckers, freight companies, and logistics professionals who require reliable and durable tools for their operations.

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Jerry F.

This winch bar is fantastic! It offers great grip and is very durable.


Sean M.

Excellent product. It fits perfectly and provides excellent control for my cargo securing needs.


David H.

High-quality construction and very durable. Perfect for anyone needing a reliable winch bar for their operations.