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Oversize/Wide Load Reversible Sign

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Oversize/Wide Load Reversible Signs

  • Measuring 18″ x 7′-10″ for clear visibility.
  • Bold black stencil letters complying with most DOT regulations.
  • Reversible function with 'OVERSIZE LOAD' on one side & 'WIDE LOAD' on the other.
  • Outfitted with brass grommets in the corners for easy installation.

Meet your versatile and reliable road companion - our Oversize/Wide Load Sign. This dual-sided sign can be flipped up to display either 'Oversize Load' or 'Wide Load' depending on your needs, providing great flexibility.

So, when do you need Oversize Load Signs? It's required when you're transporting cargo that exceeds the standard legal size or weight limits. Don't have an oversized load but still need to alert other road users? No problem. Our sign also doubles as a 'Wide Load' sign, effectively communicating the breadth of your load to others on the road.

This sign is not only durable but also easy to install on trucks. Ideal for truckers and freight companies, it ensures you comply with road transport regulations while maintaining road safety. Its mesh design provides durability, even under harsh weather conditions.

Ever wondered where to buy Oversize Load Signs or Wide Load Signs? Look no further! At Austin Tarp & Cargo Controls, we manufacture and supply these signs, promising top-notch quality and service.

Note: While it is legal to run Oversize Signs without a load, it's best practice to use them appropriately to avoid any confusion on the road.

Got an overweight load? Even though it might not require Oversize Signs, our sign can still be a useful tool for conveying important information to fellow road users.

Trust our Oversize/Wide Load Sign for your load transportation needs and ensure a smoother, safer journey every time.