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Headache Cab Rack - 6880-DH

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Headache Cab Rack - 6880-DH

68"H x 80"W - 2 Chain Hangers & 2 Half-Trays - Non-Sleeper

Sturdy-Lite Cab Racks are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. using prime aluminum billet that conforms to ASTM B308, B229A, and B209. All welding is in compliance with AWS D.1.2.97 by certified welders. Function*, durability, and visual appeal are insured by our quality control as well as our “Treadbrite” finish.

*Cab Racks can be and are designed as mud and small rock shields to help facilitate trucking operations by providing essential storage for chains, binders, cargo straps, rubber straps, tarpaulins, cheater bars, V boards, batter boards, corner protectors, coil racks, 4’ timbers, 8’ timbers, and personal items.

Cab racks offer minimal resistance to impacts resulting from a moving load. Sturdy-Lite makes no claims to impact resistance, neither stated nor implied.