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EPDM Rubber Tarp Straps - Box of 50

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"EPDM" Rubber Straps

Durable tarp straps, available in various sizes such as 15", 21", and 31". These high-quality rubber tarp straps offer superior durability and resilience. Whether it's our 21" tarp strap or the longer 31" tarp straps, each comes equipped with robust tarp strap hooks. Our tarp tie-down straps, perfect for any load, deliver reliable and efficient cargo securing. For a reliable, sturdy solution like our rubber tarp strap, visit us today and find the ideal match for your hauling needs.

  • U.S.A. made, using superior EPDM rubber
  • Unmatched UV stability
  • Robust steel hook on each strap
  • Ideal for securing wallboard and steel tarps
  • 15", 21", and 31" lengths available
  • Sold in boxes of 50 straps
  • Long-lasting, cost-effective durability