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E-Track Decking Beam Cargo Bar & Load Stabilizer

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E-Track Decking Beam Cargo Bar & Load Stabilizer

Keep your cargo secure in your van and trailer. Adjustable 91.9" - 102.9" can be placed anywhere on your E Track as needed for shoring or decking. Made of Heavy-duty aluminum our beams have a WLL of 3000 lbs. for decking and 2500 lbs. for shoring. Made in the USA!

Patented flat latch E fittings eliminate the problems regular trigger mechanisms have. Easy release makes quick work setting up your load.

Update your standard E fittings with our Flat Latch Kit 877-874-5377.

Decking/Shoring Beam Series E-103" Long 43638-51/FE8066-3 102" ALUMINUM DECKING BEAM