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7' x 12' Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp

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 7' x 12' Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp

Take a look at our 7' x 12' Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp, a perfect example of the top-quality Heavy Duty Tarps available at This versatile tarp is a robust solution for your dump truck tarp needs.

Features of our 7' x 12' Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Embodying the essence of a reliable Dump Truck Tarp, this product is reinforced and double lock-stitched all around. It's designed to outlast most tarps on the market, defining what is a Heavy Duty Tarp.

  • 5" Pole Pocket: Our tarp features a 5" Pole Pocket that ensures a snug fit, reducing wear and tear to extend the tarp's lifespan, a feature found in the best Dump Truck Tarp System.

  • Secure Attachments: Our Tarp System for dump truck comes with #4 Brass Grommets for secure and easy roll bar attachment, a crucial element in a top-tier Dump Truck Tarping System.

  • Four Layer Edges: Extra strength is provided with four-layer edges, reinforced with webbing, demonstrating the high quality of our Heavy Duty Tarps for sale.

  • Webbing and Vinyl Reinforcements: To increase the resilience of the tarp, we add webbing reinforcements down the Vinyl-reinforced sleeve.

  • Gorilla Mesh Material: Our Mesh Tarp is a one-piece construct made of Heavy-Duty Gorilla Mesh, eliminating seams for enhanced durability.

  • Versatile Usage: With breathable mesh airflow, this tarp is suited to carry versatile loads from sod, plants, gravel, or sand, making it an exceptional choice amongst Tarps for dump trucks.

This 7' x 12' Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp is an ideal replacement tarp for your manual or standard electric tarp system. So, if you're asking, "Where to buy Heavy Duty Tarps near me?", or "Are Heavy Duty Tarps waterproof?", look no further than We provide Heavy Duty Tarps that are built to last, providing the best value for your investment.

All Tarps Are Proudly American Made In Charlotte, NC!

  • Heavy-Duty Grommets

    We only use heavy gauged #4 Brass grommets for your roll bar attachment. Our handmade tarps also boast double lock stitching and 4 layer edges for extra strength webbing reinforcements down the vinyl reinforced sleeve.

  • 5" Reinforced Pole Pocket

    All of our dump truck tarps come with a 5" pole loop/pocket for a snug fit that reduces wear and tear, and extends the life of your tarp. All of which is double lock stitched to ensure durability.

  • One-Piece Gorilla Mesh

    Our dump truck tarps come in one piece, meaning no seams that will come loose over time, are made with an extra durable PVD poly-coated fiber material. They are weaved with an extra-tight gorilla mesh built to withstand the toughest elements.

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