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Ancra’s 4-in. x 27-ft. heavy-duty ratchet strap with flat hooks is the ideal tie-down assembly that offers reliable strength and durability throughout transit. Able to handle a working load limit of 5,400 lbs, we’ve equipped this strap with durable hardware that keeps the load firmly in place. Our 3.25-in. black powder-coated flat hooks feature an aluminum edge guard that prevents the hooks and the webbing from rubbing each other raw.

The tie-down strap is equipped with a strong 12-in. ratchet handle. This tensioning device is easy to operate and is designed with a wide handle that allows for a more comfortable grip, letting you obtain better leverage over the entire tensioning process. Our ratchet is very easy to operate as it tightens down the 4-in. yellow-treated polyester webbing into a viselike grip for better security.

The 4-in. x 27-ft. heavy-duty ratchet strap with flat hooks complies with WSTDA T-1 standards and meets or exceeds WSTDA T-4 standards.

Custom lengths and a wide variety of end hardware are available.