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4" Rubber Corner Protector

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4" Rubber Corner Protector

Our Rubber Corner Protector is designed to protect your cargo, your strap assemblies or chain tie-downs, as well as, your tarps. Use a Rubber Corner Protector when hauling products like drywall and insulation to help from the crushing forces of a tightened ratchet strap, winch strap, or chain.

Rubber corner protectors help by spreading out the load over the edge being protected thus eliminating crushed edges. Edge protectors also help protect your assemblies from facial wear from abrasive products like brick and block. Simply place your edge protector between your strap assembly and the sharp or abrasive edge and you have just protected and prolonged the life of your ratchet strap and winch strap assemblies.

Sharp corners have been known to shred your lumber tarp or steel tarps which can easily turn your investment into scrap material. The use of a Rubber Corner Protector on those sharp corners will help increase the longevity of your lumber tarp and steel tarps.