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2" x 30' Ratchet Strap Assembly

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2" x 30' Ratchet Strap Assembly

Heavy Duty portable ratchet strap comes with a long wide handled ratchet, has a working load limit of 3,333 lbs, and meets CHP requirements.

Ratchet Straps come in many different designs typically utilizing a Ratchet Buckle sewn to the end of a piece of webbing. You would feed the loose end of your Ratchet Strap around your object and back through the Ratchet Buckle through the slot in the buckle.

Ratchet Buckles are designed so that once the webbing is fed through the slot in the axle of the Ratchet, a simple lever action is all that is needed to tighten the strap to your load. The axle has two wheels on either side whose teeth continually lock the Ratchet as you tighten. Once the Ratchet is tight it will not slip until you depress the locking lever.

Ratchet Straps are used in medium to heavy applications where you need something held strong and tight, even through rough conditions.