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10' F-Track Galvanized

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10' F-Track Galvanized

Series F Track is made of high strength, 15 gauge, steel for F end fittings, and Shoring Beams. Steel constructed and tested for strength, for a wide range of cargo restraint applications. 10' F-Track Galvanized to withstand corrosion and has a G90 Hot Dip finish with a surface chemical treatment.

Warning: Contact vehicle manufacturer to determine fastener size and mounting method. Welding of galvanized materials may emit toxic fumes, Use proper caution and ventilation.

This 10' F-Track Galvanized may be attached with screws, rivets, or by welding if applicable. Galvanized 1.62-inch hole spacing and 3/4-inch hole diameter. 10 feet in length and 6 lbs.