Austin Tarp & Cargo Controls offers a vast selection of tarps for diverse transport needs. From our lumber and machinery tarps for heavy-duty loads, to the lightweight and easy-to-handle steel tarps, we have you covered. Our specialized wallboard/plywood tarps are designed for specific cargo, and our unique fitted smoke and coil bag tarps cater to niche requirements. Trust in our tarps for versatile and reliable cargo protection solutions.

Our high-quality lumber tarps are specifically designed for flatbed trucks, these tarps are ideal for safeguarding large, stacked lumber loads against extreme weather and road debris. Experience the versatility of our adjustable lumber tarps, which can be resized to fit varying loads, eliminating the stress of finding the perfect tarp size for every haul. Choose our durable and adaptable lumber tarps for superior load coverage every time.

Our top-notch machinery tarps are skillfully crafted to provide robust protection for large, unconventional loads like manufacturing equipment or machinery during transit. They are also perfect for covering a broad range of products, including plywood, cables, rods, or steel sheets on a flatbed truck. Known as the best tarps for covering farm machinery, our tarps are not limited to the agricultural sector alone. When it comes to securing and shielding unique and bulky loads, our machinery tarps are the reliable choice that you can depend on.

Premium steel tarps for flatbed trailers, perfect for hauling loads that aren't overly heavy or sharp. We recognize the need for lightweight solutions, and that's why our steel tarps are designed to be easy to handle and store. Whether you're transporting lighter steel products or other non-aggressive materials, our tarps offer excellent coverage without adding significant weight to your load. Trust in our steel tarps for an effective and efficient hauling experience.

Our Plywood/Wallboard Tarps offer outstanding protection specifically designed for loads such as plywood, sheetrock, and roofing materials. Meticulously crafted with two or three rows of D-rings spaced either 30 or 24 inches apart, these tarps are built to secure your cargo effectively. Moreover, every seam is reinforced with double lock-stitching, providing unmatched strength and durability. Trust our specialized Plywood/Wallboard Tarps to offer superior coverage and security for your haul.

Discover our range of Specialty Tarps, meticulously designed to meet your unique transportation requirements. Whether you need a Fitted Smoke Tarp to shield your load from exhaust pollutants or a Coil Bag Tarp to fully encase and protect your steel or aluminum coils, we have you covered. Crafted from robust, heavy-duty material, our specialty tarps are engineered for durability, offering complete protection against the elements and road debris. Trust in our Specialty Tarps for bespoke cargo protection solutions, tailored to your hauling needs.

Lightweight Tarps - your solution for easy-to-handle, low-weight, yet heavy-duty load protection. These tarps strike a perfect balance between robust protection and minimized additional load, ideal for cargo that's not overly heavy or sharp. Crafted from durable lightweight materials like vinyl and polyethylene, our lightweight truck tarps withstand the elements and keep your freight safe. Whether it's for flatbed trucks or general use, our weather-resistant lightweight tarps offer top-notch coverage without burdening your haul. Opt for our Lightweight Tarps for an efficient, convenient, and reliable cargo protection solution.