What is a Vertical E-Track?

What is a Vertical E-Track?

A Vertical E-Track is a type of cargo control system used in transportation vehicles to secure loads and organize storage. It consists of a long, narrow track made from durable steel or aluminum with regularly spaced slots along its length. This track is mounted vertically on the interior walls of trailers, trucks, or other transport vehicles. Various attachments, such as straps, hooks, and bars, can be inserted into the slots to secure cargo in place.

Key Features of Vertical E-Track

  1. Durable Construction: Vertical E-Tracks are made from high-strength steel or aluminum, providing robust and reliable support for securing heavy loads.

  2. Regularly Spaced Slots: The track features evenly spaced slots along its length, allowing for flexible attachment of various cargo control accessories.

  3. Vertical Orientation: Mounted vertically, these tracks offer versatile cargo securing options, particularly for tall or stacked loads.

  4. Compatibility: Vertical E-Tracks are compatible with a wide range of E-Track fittings and accessories, such as ratchet straps, cam buckle straps, D-rings, and shoring beams.

Benefits of Using Vertical E-Track

  1. Enhanced Cargo Security: Vertical E-Tracks provide multiple anchor points, enabling secure attachment of straps and other tie-downs to prevent cargo from shifting during transit.

  2. Flexibility: The ability to attach accessories at various points along the track allows for flexible and customizable cargo configurations.

  3. Space Optimization: By securing items vertically, these tracks help optimize the use of vertical space within the vehicle, making it easier to transport tall or stacked items.

  4. Easy Installation: Vertical E-Tracks are relatively easy to install on the interior walls of trailers and trucks, offering a quick and effective solution for cargo control.

Common Uses for Vertical E-Track

  1. Cargo Transport: Vertical E-Tracks are widely used in trailers and trucks to secure loads of various sizes, preventing them from shifting or falling during transit.

  2. Moving and Storage: Moving companies use vertical E-Tracks to organize and secure furniture, appliances, and other items within moving trucks.

  3. Warehouse and Industrial Applications: In warehouses and industrial settings, vertical E-Tracks help secure and organize equipment, tools, and materials.

  4. Recreational Vehicles: RV owners and outdoor enthusiasts use vertical E-Tracks to secure recreational gear, such as bikes, kayaks, and camping equipment, during transport.

How to Use Vertical E-Track

  1. Installation: Mount the vertical E-Track on the interior wall of your trailer or truck using appropriate screws or bolts. Ensure the track is securely fastened and aligned vertically.

  2. Attach Accessories: Insert E-Track fittings, such as D-rings, straps, or bars, into the slots at desired positions along the track.

  3. Secure Cargo: Use the attached accessories to secure your cargo in place. For example, use ratchet straps to tie down boxes or equipment, ensuring they are tightly secured to prevent movement.

  4. Adjust as Needed: The flexibility of the E-Track system allows you to easily adjust the position of accessories as needed to accommodate different cargo configurations.


Vertical E-Tracks are a versatile and reliable solution for securing cargo and organizing storage in transportation vehicles. Their durable construction, flexible attachment options, and ease of use make them an essential tool for ensuring the safe and efficient transport of goods. At Tarpman.com, we offer a range of high-quality vertical E-Tracks and compatible accessories to meet your cargo control needs. Explore our selection today and enhance your vehicle's cargo management capabilities.

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