What is a Rubber Tarp Strap?

What is a Rubber Tarp Strap?

A Rubber Tarp Strap is a flexible, stretchable strap made from durable rubber, used to secure tarps, covers, and other items in place. These straps are equipped with hooks on both ends, which make them easy to attach to various anchor points. Rubber tarp straps are commonly used in transportation, construction, and agricultural settings to ensure that tarps and covers remain tightly secured over cargo or equipment.

Key Features of Rubber Tarp Straps

  1. Elasticity: Rubber tarp straps are highly elastic, allowing them to stretch and conform to the shape of the item being secured, ensuring a tight and secure hold.

  2. Durable Material: Made from high-quality rubber, these straps are resistant to wear, tear, and environmental factors such as UV rays and extreme temperatures.

  3. Hooks on Both Ends: The straps come with metal or plastic hooks on each end, which are used to attach the strap to anchor points, making them easy to use and secure.

  4. Various Lengths and Thicknesses: Rubber tarp straps are available in different lengths and thicknesses to accommodate various needs and applications.

Benefits of Using Rubber Tarp Straps

  1. Versatility: Rubber tarp straps can be used in a wide range of applications, from securing tarps over truck beds to bundling items together.

  2. Ease of Use: The hooks and stretchable nature of the straps make them easy to attach and adjust, providing a quick and efficient way to secure loads.

  3. Weather Resistance: These straps are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use in any season.

  4. Cost-Effective: Rubber tarp straps are an affordable solution for securing items, offering good value for their durability and versatility.

Common Uses for Rubber Tarp Straps

  1. Securing Tarps: Used extensively to secure tarps over flatbeds, trailers, and other cargo carriers to protect loads from the elements.

  2. Bundling and Holding Items: Useful for bundling together pipes, lumber, and other materials to keep them organized and in place during transport or storage.

  3. Agricultural Applications: Employed to secure covers over agricultural equipment, hay bales, and other items, protecting them from weather and debris.

  4. Construction Sites: Used to keep tarps and protective covers in place on construction sites, ensuring materials and equipment remain covered and protected.

How to Use Rubber Tarp Straps

  1. Choose the Right Size: Select a rubber tarp strap of appropriate length and thickness based on the size and weight of the item you need to secure.

  2. Position the Tarp: Place the tarp or cover over the item, ensuring it is properly aligned and covers the desired area.

  3. Attach the Hooks: Hook one end of the rubber tarp strap to an anchor point on the item or surface, such as a grommet on the tarp or a tie-down point on the vehicle.

  4. Stretch and Secure: Stretch the strap over the item and attach the other hook to a corresponding anchor point, ensuring the tarp is tightly secured.

  5. Check and Adjust: Inspect the strap to ensure it is securely in place and adjust as needed to maintain a tight, secure hold.


Rubber Tarp Straps are essential tools for securing tarps, covers, and various items in a wide range of applications. Their elasticity, durability, and ease of use make them a reliable and cost-effective solution for ensuring that cargo and equipment remain protected and in place. At Tarpman.com, we offer a selection of high-quality rubber tarp straps and other cargo control products to meet your specific needs. Explore our inventory today and find the perfect straps to keep your loads secure.

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