What is a moving blanket?

What is a moving blanket?

A moving blanket, also known as a furniture pad or moving pad, is a thick, durable blanket used to protect furniture and other items during transportation. These blankets provide cushioning to prevent scratches, dents, and other types of damage that can occur when items are moved from one location to another. Moving blankets are essential for ensuring the safety of your belongings, especially during moves or when transporting items in a truck or trailer.

Key Features of Moving Blankets

  1. Durable Material: Moving blankets are made from heavy-duty materials, often a blend of cotton and polyester, which offer durability and protection.

  2. Padded Cushioning: They are filled with padding to provide a soft, cushioned layer that absorbs shocks and impacts, protecting items from damage.

  3. Large Size: Typically, moving blankets are large enough to cover furniture pieces, appliances, and other bulky items, ensuring comprehensive protection.

  4. Reinforced Stitching: Many moving blankets feature reinforced stitching along the edges to prevent fraying and increase their lifespan.

Benefits of Using Moving Blankets

  1. Protection: Moving blankets protect items from scratches, dents, and other damage during transport.

  2. Versatility: They can be used to cover a wide range of items, from furniture and appliances to delicate electronics and artworks.

  3. Reusable: Moving blankets are durable and can be used multiple times, making them a cost-effective solution for frequent movers or professional movers.

  4. Sound Dampening: In addition to protecting items, moving blankets can also dampen sound, which is useful when transporting items that might shift and make noise.

Common Uses for Moving Blankets

  1. Moving Household Items: Moving blankets are essential for protecting furniture, appliances, and other household items during a move.

  2. Storage Protection: They can be used to cover and protect items in storage units, garages, or attics, preventing dust and damage.

  3. Shipping Protection: When shipping items, moving blankets provide an extra layer of protection to ensure they arrive in good condition.

  4. Home Improvement Projects: Moving blankets can protect floors, walls, and surfaces during painting, remodeling, or other home improvement projects.

How to Use Moving Blankets

  1. Cover the Item: Place the moving blanket over or around the item you want to protect, ensuring it is fully covered.

  2. Secure the Blanket: Use packing tape, stretch wrap, or moving straps to secure the blanket in place, preventing it from shifting during transport.

  3. Layering: For added protection, you can use multiple moving blankets to cover particularly fragile or valuable items.


Moving blankets are an indispensable tool for anyone looking to protect their belongings during a move or while in storage. Their durable construction and padded cushioning make them ideal for safeguarding furniture, appliances, and other valuable items from damage. At Tarpman.com, we offer a variety of high-quality moving blankets to meet your needs. Explore our selection and ensure your items are well-protected during every move.

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