What is a Cam Buckle Strap w/ E-Fitting?

What is a Cam Buckle Strap w/ E-Fitting?

A Cam Buckle Strap with E-Fitting is a type of tie-down strap used for securing cargo in trailers, trucks, and other transportation vehicles. This strap features a cam buckle for adjusting tension and E-fittings for easy attachment to E-track systems, which are commonly found in cargo trailers and trucks.

Key Features of a Cam Buckle Strap with E-Fitting

  1. Cam Buckle: The cam buckle mechanism allows for easy and precise adjustment of the strap's tension. By pressing the cam buckle, users can tighten or release the strap quickly and efficiently.

  2. E-Fitting: The E-fittings are specially designed metal ends that hook into the slots of E-track systems. These fittings provide a secure and reliable connection, ensuring the cargo remains stable during transport.

  3. Durable Strap: The strap itself is typically made from high-strength polyester webbing, which is resistant to abrasion, UV rays, and moisture, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  4. Versatility: Cam buckle straps with E-fittings are versatile and can be used to secure a variety of cargo types, including boxes, furniture, and equipment.

Benefits of Using a Cam Buckle Strap with E-Fitting

  1. Ease of Use: The cam buckle mechanism makes it easy to adjust the strap's tension, allowing for quick and hassle-free securing of cargo.

  2. Secure Attachment: E-fittings provide a strong and stable connection to E-track systems, ensuring the cargo remains in place during transport.

  3. Adjustable Tension: Users can easily adjust the strap's tension by pulling on the strap or pressing the cam buckle, allowing for precise control over the tightness of the load.

  4. Durability: Made from high-quality materials, these straps are designed to withstand the rigors of transport, providing reliable performance trip after trip.

Common Uses for Cam Buckle Straps with E-Fittings

  1. Cargo Securing: These straps are ideal for securing a wide range of cargo items in trailers, trucks, and vans equipped with E-track systems.

  2. Moving and Storage: Movers and storage companies use cam buckle straps with E-fittings to secure furniture, appliances, and other items during transport and storage.

  3. Industrial Applications: In industrial settings, these straps can be used to secure equipment, machinery, and other heavy items.

  4. Recreational Use: They are also useful for securing recreational equipment, such as ATVs, motorcycles, and kayaks, during transport.

How to Use a Cam Buckle Strap with E-Fitting

  1. Attach the E-Fittings: Hook the E-fittings into the slots of the E-track system at the desired locations.

  2. Position the Strap: Place the strap over or around the cargo, ensuring it covers and secures the load effectively.

  3. Tighten the Strap: Pull the free end of the strap through the cam buckle to tighten it. Adjust the tension as needed to secure the cargo firmly.

  4. Lock the Buckle: Once the desired tension is achieved, release the cam buckle to lock the strap in place.


Cam Buckle Straps with E-Fittings are an essential tool for securing cargo in vehicles equipped with E-track systems. Their ease of use, secure attachment, and durable construction make them ideal for a wide range of applications, from moving and storage to industrial and recreational uses. At Tarpman.com, we offer a variety of high-quality cam buckle straps with E-fittings to meet your specific needs. Explore our selection today and ensure your cargo is always secure during transport.

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