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Types of Truck Tarps and Their Features

Tarps for trucks vary widely in shape and form. They are made out of a variety of materials and varying levels of protection, depending on the type of load, and the style and size of the truck in question. Because truck tarps serve such a crucial purpose, it is important to choose the right kind for the right application. For instance, the right tarp for a dirt-filled dump truck may not be the right tarp for protecting a lumber pile on the back of a flatbed. Regardless of the load, you are hauling, it pays to choose high-quality flatbed tarps that guarantee proper load securement—whether they’re heavy-duty flatbed tarps or dump truck tarps.

Smoke tarps are among the most commonly used types of tarps for securing cargo. Also referred to as nose tarps, smoke tarps are meant to cover the front and/or back of truck loads, protecting them from dirt, soot, and smoke from the truck’s exhaust. These tarps are typically made out of PVC coated materials and can be used to supplement other types of truck tarps.

Lumber tarps feature side, front and rear flaps in order to cover wood piles on all sides. These tarps offer waterproofing advantages, protecting wood from water damage caused by exposure to moisture during storage or while in transit. Lumber tarps are also usually UV treated to protect from sun damage.

Steel tarps, like lumber tarps, are also protected on all sides to ensure that no part of metal sheets, rods, or even cable loads are exposed to the elements. Other types even feature end flaps, which helps eliminate distracting whistling sounds produced by air passing through steel pipe loads. Some common materials used to make steel tarps include PVC coated polyester and vinyl.

Dump truck tarps, like steel tarps, are also made from heavy-duty waterproof PVC coated polyester and similar types of materials. They are designed to ensure protection over different kinds of materials that dump trucks typically carry like soil, gravel, sand, fertilizer, grain, and more.

TarpMan is a premier supplier and producer of different kinds of truck tarps, including flatbed tarps, dump truck tarps, steel and lumber tarps, as well as custom products. The company sells quality tarps from an inventory of imported and US-made products, including a complete line of accessories, ranging from rubber straps and winch straps to transport chains, ratchet assemblies, and other products to complete a hauler package.

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